Bringing a professor’s passion for teaching writing to legal writing training.


As a Yale Literature Professor, Ed Lintz developed a lifelong passion for teaching writing. When he started his legal career as a litigator at Kramer Levin, Ed learned quickly just how much hard work it takes to get final sign off from a supervisor that your document is ready to file.

READY TO FILE WRITING applies Ed’s passion for teaching writing to the challenges of legal writing training. Ed’s mission is to help attorneys in their professional development as writers by identifying techniques to improve each stage a document goes through in the writing process until it is ready to file.  

READY TO FILE WRITING offers workshops and coaching to improve the style, clarity and persuasiveness of attorney writing.  Ed’s teaching philosophy is that writing workshops should be truly interactive. Nothing stifles learning more than sitting in a conference room watching a presenter drone on without engaging the audience.  Ed guarantees that every attorney at his workshops will have real opportunities to participate, challenge, ask questions, and collaborate with his or her colleagues.

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Ed’s Passion for Teaching

Teaching literature helped Ed Lintz develop his interactive training methods.



Ready to File Writing tailors each workshop to your firm’s unique needs.



Choose four months of cumulative writing feedback or a one-day visit to the firm.